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  1. Ah Minn!!!!LOL! can someone kindly sms mi when need to pay???!!!i rarely come in here le lei!>
  2. :cheeky::cheeky: ming bai le!can i put nick instead then?
  3. wo bu ming bai!means e name is our own name not nick ahh???
  4. wahahaha..... nice idea.... geeee... i really tink i forget how to ride liaooo looo... grrr...
  5. go for more sp/rc/rr only after u complete ur pracs or going to complete.it will be better.personal experience.=)
  6. i dun ride it hoh,i dun control it tt's true. i only have e key.:cheeky: ya,ur bicycle lic.=D ya,his legs powder veri good,tt's y e bicycle can go over 90km/h.LOL!~
  7. who told u i ride r1 de?:sweat: i wanna learn 2 b...:cry: practice make perfect.=D is not u suay.usually instructors will have a higher standard. so tt during tp,u can make it.=) wahahaaa. jia you!` take more times doesnt mean u lousy. always rmb practice make perfect.=D
  8. tp days are on mon,tues and wed across all driving centres if i'm not wrong. but not every mon,tues and wed dere will be tp.=)
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