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  1. Hi bro,interested in ur wave..can call me at 97644507

  2. interested in your wave call me 81261114

  3. im interested in your galaxy tab.. can nego?? deal tonight or tmrw?? contact me at 92397619 rahman

  4. Hi my if not wrong is 18 lit...BUT go ard 230-250 at ard 13.5-14 lit...IF I NOT WRONG..13.7 will enter reserve
  5. bro can i deal e oil filter wif u?? 91787304 drop me a msg or giv e a kol aite..tanx

  6. no bike shop will let u test ride de...unless u buy from forumer
  7. Date : 10 July 2011 (Sun) Time to meet : TBAr Place to meet : GP Esso Bike Class: 2A and up Traveling Speed: 120km/hr One-Way Distance : 360km Halal Food : Durian Halal Price Per Pax : TBA 1. Gr8White (ETV1K) 2. Replay (XR4) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ckchin 8. Chris 525 (FZ6) 9. B_E_N (S4) 10. Stn 33 Heng (SW400) 11. Bpotr & Kuniang (DR650) 12. wne12R (Fz6S2) 13. zewei (fz6) 14. zewei friend (gs1150) 15. Choon seng+ pillion ( bubusasa) 16. Dajiro (CBR600RR) 17. Alan_See (GS1150) 18. 19. happy125 (xjr) 20. 21. Ryanryanryan (sp) 22. R
  8. hi like to check with you how much is the damage for front and rear axle slider for both fz 600 and fz1... but do u have stock for the touring windshield for fz1?
  9. hi can u quote me to wrap a trax square top box for carbon fibre look de... the box is those square metal type one...
  10. hello u need a spec 1 header?i can sell u cheaper at $100

  11. other than lab where still got sell those better type one?
  12. ya as the slider is above the end can when the bike drop the btm end can hit the ground 1st
  13. for horn is up to the person to inspect ur bike say one.... they happy they pass u...
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