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  1. Hi there


    what time will it be? i've sent my duc to the bikeshop already

  2. so does one hand riding, the other picking nose warrant a fine as well? argue with TP. "got thing stuck in my nose, cannot breathe properly, don't dig out how?"
  3. sometimes things are good when done HARD!! hehe
  4. if they decides to sue u bcoz u said they are dishonest, u can sue them back for calling u a cheat.. if they did not honour the contracts, u can sue them for breach of contract..
  5. it says "very prominent".. so the question is how does one define prominent? is it one with signboard with big wordings? or does it have multiple shop with the same name? or does it occupies more lots than others? next clue, which i think is quite obvious, is the lady.. well, look around at bukit merah and check it out which shop employs lady as their salesperson.. this shouldn't be too difficult to find out..
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