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  1. nope. never.

  2. try to join keppel. nebulaz just left so may be got chance.
  3. For no reason, the symptom disappeared. now bike back to normal.
  4. me experienced the same after extensive use of the foot brake in congested traffic. mine is a 2004 abs model. got panic in the beginning, now got used to it liao. use hand brake loh. my mech oso no idea wat's happening.
  5. hi chilli01,


    this is cs. nice to meet you on the road to and back from your trip.


    it is always great to meet ladies like you on big bike.


    take care and ride safe.

  6. vstrom 650, riding at a constant speed of 110km/h. tank capacity 22litres. can hit 25km per litre. without top box or panniers. however, the warning signal will prompt you panickly way in advance at about 350km.
  7. Trip Bukit Tinggi Date To Meet : 1 March 08 Place To Meet : GP ESSO Time To Meet : 7am Sharp Never been there before, so just wan to go explor.. heard is abit expensive Distance abt 385km away, move off at 7.30am sharp, abt 4.5hrs to reach include stop for petrol and rest, reach there at abt 12pm, have lunch and explor the place till maybe 3pm, 3pm leave for kulai for dinner, 360km away, reach kulai in abt 4hrs time at 7pm, have dinner and back to SG, depend on how fast u eat, should be back around 10++pm. Do not expect me to know everything hor, cos i oso first time go 1. Enc
  8. in life, it is more important to know who you are following than to know who you are... same for biking. hurray for those who leads, and fear not.
  9. my two-cent thot: 1. r6 1.1 proven 1.2 economical 1.3 suitable for touring 1.4 got power 1.5 easy to maintain 1.6 easy for your pocket 2. cb1300 1.1 power too much 1.2 fuel a lot 1.3 great for touring 1.4 proven 1.5 tough on your pocket but given your current situation, if can 1-2-1 exchange for a bike, with same age, cb1300 is a good swop. but do consider the fuel cost in long term. with your posture, cb1300 will look great on you. with your age, r6 is more relevant. in view of the touring zeal in you right now, r6 will meet your touring profile
  10. must take leave on the 9th april. are you travelling in the nite of 9th april?
  11. if you are on the move, you don't feel hot. too hot if you are in a start-stop traffic condition in singapore. don't suitable for singapore road. try the mesh jacket instead.
  12. prime minister lee hsien loong and me wish all strommers and family a happy chinese new year. ride safely.
  13. you all look so funny with that head dress. try coming back with that on your head lah.
  14. i got this from motoworld at $250. excellent waterproofing. comes with air vent. very useful pockets and they are waterproof as well. tough padding at shoulders and elbows. the white design can get dirty easily. can be very warm riding long hours under hot sun if it's not for the air vents. very suitable for wet season, riding or touring during wet weather at the end of the year. no worry for frequent changes to rainsuit during intermittent rain. like many other riders, i recommend air mesh jacket. can get it from motoworld as well, selling at $200.
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