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  1. Hi mate.. do you mean the DW-6600C? they're currently under reserve til tomorrow evening. If it's back on sale i will notify you ASAP. Thanks for viewing. I have another mudman in used condition if you're interested.


    Link here http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=287467

  2. Hi,interested in d shock watch.....91882541

  3. weLcome to the autoscoot worLd mate. gd choice. i dont fancy the 06 onwards. Looks redundantly buLky. enjoy ur ride n ride safe.

  4. ohok.. nope nuting.. just asking.. coz i'm new rider to vxr05.. hehee...

  5. heLLo..


    yes i am.. y do u ask?

  6. hey bro u riding vxr 05?

  7. hey man sorry for the Late repLy.. i rareLy get on here.

    anyway i'm using 130 for main jet n 34 for air jet. kinda big cos i'm using maLossi 210cc big bore kit n had my tophead ported. FC goes abt 20km/L

  8. ey thanks again for the advice man...by the way... can you share with me your jet settings? i plan to follow your advice and get hurricane filters... also how is your FC now? is it a big difference to have the jettings changed and to have the air filter?

  9. dude.. is it in fuLL sys or comes in end can onLy?
  10. ade sejarah Lagi best dok. duLu eh.. poLis pakai sLuar pendek.
  11. Look at ur cooLant cap. there is a number indication on it. if u're using the oLd originaL one it shouLd state 0.9. the new standard issue if i'm not wrong.. is 1.1. it shouLd be abLe to take higher pressure. think a new cap costs abt 12 bucks.
  12. eh fcuk.. the reason he never post it on the net is cos he dont wanna farking teLL the whoLe worLd. matter of fact.. no one even has to know abt it.. untiL u post that stupid comment above.. so u just bLew your own cover u brainLess twit. NOW the whoLe worLd knows u owe money.. thanks to your stupidity. dont farking bLame 1 person cos 30 of us went n aLL of us knew wat happened. why dont u farking bLame aLL of us cos we've got mouths to spread ur pathetic rumor that u owe money. it might even be me for fcuk's sake. why dont u justify your own actions before posting. why didnt u answer any o
  13. yo.. yes i was at sunrise.. accompanied a friend who wanted to buy a 2nd 2-stroke... his 1st 2-stroke if u saw just outside the shop gone case. thanks for the compLiment. yea there were a few of us.. y u never say hi da..
  14. u sure ah urs just LITTLE upgrade? hahah..
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