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  1. Originally posted by who_noe@January 02, 2007 09:15 am

    n i think wat is the use of ur van ba


    leisure or business?


    for me,i juz drive for leisure so i god a kangoo(okie,i be honest,it cheap mah!!)


    so far i didnt get any problem other than the back light spoil which they fix for me.


    n i didnt get a heartpain when 1 fooker bang onto my side(juz a small dent,realise it when i walking to carpark take my van). cos at least not a car...phew..think it look more rugged? :sweat: :cheeky:


    I thought of getting one mostly as a transport for work.

    I'm doing my own business so-called so need to travel around everyday.

    Has been using Bike but everyday has to suffered because of the weather.

    Sometime have to arrived at appointment with sweaty body or drenched clothes.

    So thought of getting a Van for work.


    Anyone can give some feedback for Fiat and Combo? Coz their price is about the same now.

  2. Originally posted by jkaiser@Dec 7 2006, 08:16 PM

    if u 1st day enlist, n declare that u're JW (or wat we codenamed johnie walker), u would be isolated immediately. Then we call SAFPU n wait for them pick u up, then u go DB and be their gardener for 2 yrs lor..


    Essentially JW does not recognise the state, and of course military service. Other quirks about them is that they cannot take blood transfusions as well. Say one JW kena accident, he would refuse to let the doctor transfuse new blood into [email protected] most recycle his old blood


    Off its wiki



    O ....


    jkaiser, how u know huh?

  3. Originally posted by M|rac|e@Dec 4 2006, 02:55 PM

    agree must have the atmosphere..


    Watch more tv la.. u guys lack the watch tv part.. lol :cheeky:

    Go buy some blue tapes and watch together ...

    I think that's what other countries couples are doing bah.

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