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  1. Has the bike landed in Singapore? If so any idea which shop selling this?
  2. yoz, glad u like my videos and that u learnt some stuff. :smile:

  3. donno how somehow comes to ur profile and enjoy the stay seeing ur vids! learns a few stuffs too! thx!

  4. arzme

    P250408 16.30

    Eh?!?!? Looks familiar huh?
  5. har har har... wht lah u... har har har... u really wan me to open "bottle" for u izzit? har har har
  6. RaceWerk in AV do have the Diablo Strada, cost abt $400 plus (sorry didn't ask in detail as to much is the plus) and they are having offer for Metzeler Racetec K3 for $380 (i don't know whether is this a good price or not). just sharing only wht i know...
  7. LOCK!! tht the word i try to dig from my brain last nite... kept repeating in my mind, .... skid, screech, skid.... screech... at the end i just use skid... lol
  8. Okay i rewrite it.... maybe its misleading... yup, i do feel tht the braking sux using the factory brake hose. But after changing to aftermarket brake hose, it is much much much better in braking.
  9. u read it wrongly. factory is sux. aftermarket is good thts why the tire skid. with my factory hose, i can't even skid the tire at all. i'm the other way round, i seldom use my rear brake except when i coming down my multi-storey carpark (thts is just to test the brake before i move to the main road). Other than that, it always use front braking.
  10. using the factory brake hose, yup i do feel tht the braking sux but after changing to aftermarket brake hose, well... lets just said tht my rear tire skid when i emergency brake. And to all chinese rider, Happy Chinese New Year! May good fortune for the year ahead!
  11. Since the IU is register under our bike. the only thing i can think off is tht since that the bike has no IU, there is no identification to what bike pass through the gantry. thus it had to rely on the camera. So tht left whether the camera took the shot of the front or back. If the plate number is obscure. How to trace to the owner?
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