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  1. for which year Monster? i've got a set for the old carby ones.
  2. nice new tail! who did the chop for you mate?
  3. i agree jeff! its not in the cleanest of states! i've been wondering how i can clean it up... i guess it just takes a little time and patience? i've been holding out on a rebuild for some time, cant seemt o find the time... thats usually how i clean up engines in the past...when they've all been taken apart and on the table.. the steel should be easy enough, just SS cleaner and elbow grease should put some shine in them?
  4. Seeing as to how quiet this thread has become... thought i'd contribute something to stir things up.. just mocked up this oil cooler (from a 999) for my old carby monster...
  5. Brand new pair from Japan, unfortunately sized larger than that which would fit me! its a 32" waisted, size L, and not the SKINNY version. This one is straight cut. Comes with the knee guards, butt pads optional. Asking for $100 firm. sent me a text message at 9777-2984 if you're keen. thanx! cheers michael
  6. Suzuki GSR 400 1. swoosh (matt black) 2. ahgui (matt black) 3. kaozie (matt black) 4. boy boy (matt black) 5. kim84 (matt black) 6. gal_sg^rider (blue) 7. e_j (matt black) 8. Mr Atlantic (matt black w/ h&b panniers) 9. jonathan (matt black) 10. acesiew( matt black) 11. sikonesis (matt black) 12. astyle (matt black) 13. arzme (matt black) 14. khuboy (red) 15. lao_yang (matt black) 16. The Only -wAn- (matt black) 17. Leongms (Red w box) 18. s**ersonic (blue) 19. jasonieee (matt black) 20. skateboy (red with box) 21. levin (matt black) 22.Yongcheng(red) 23. Royston15 (W
  7. I ride mine lightly, daily. No problems so far after sorting the bike out (*then* it had enough problems to keep me constantly occupied! ) But I world keep a Honda as a workhorse though. I've always though of my Monster as a mistress, rather then a wife if u know what I mean. Ride safe!
  8. Happy New Year you monster folks Ride fast, ride safe
  9. I just ordered some new exhaust packing for the Termi's.. i reckon they've never been repacked before, so i'm going to try doing this! anyone's done this before recently? doesnt seem difficult... its actually the STOCK cans that seem more difficult to do.... if anyone's done this before, be happy to hear from you chaps.. thanx!
  10. Where do you guys buy exhaust packing from? Rebuilding a set of pipes , looking for some! Hit me up eh. Thanks!
  11. I go to sbr motors at the premier at kaki bukit. I have brand new carbs in my parts collection, if you ever need one
  12. Where do you guys buy your riding gear (jackets, pants especially )? Online sourceshop may not be ideal, sizes are always iffy. .. Thanks
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