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  1. ç¥ä½ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹, 你笑å£å¸¸é–‹, 你身体å¥åº·, 你財æºæ»¾æ»¾, 你万事如æ„, 你好我好,世界更好。:cheers:

  2. Happy Birthday Bro.

  3. Thank you for viewing my profile. Cheers!

  4. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    You will only see Malaysian heading back to their country on Friday early evening onwards, Saturday afternoon to evening and they will return to Singapore from Sunday late morning onwards until late evening.
  5. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    Not to get anyone wrong. I guess mao1905 meant an overall feel like fuel consumption, vibration etc. Exhaust definitely sound different even among the Japanese cruisers.
  6. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    Quite true. EFI of course has its own benefits such as good gas mileage and smooth fuel injection. Not forgetting more powerful 1584cc Twin Cam 96 with the Cruise Drive six-speed tranny.
  7. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    There are one riding an Ultra and another Electra but, they seldom come into the forum to post.
  8. nights

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    You could try to PM madman too. I am sure he would be happy to customize saddle bag of your preference.
  9. nights

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    Here you go madman. Custom cycle 114 Kallang Ave Singapore 339434 Tel : 6392 0191 Sumsoon 188 Choa Chu Kang Road Avenue 1 Singapore 689465 Tel : 67691040
  10. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    When are you going to visit custom cycles? I don't mind going with you snopping around the shop
  11. nights

    Harley Riders gather

    Just saw this posting. Hope you have a speedy recover Kiamh!
  12. Normally, as a precaution and to save rider of any hassle or unexpected headaches from worn sprockets causing premature wear-out on the new chain, most mechanics suggests changing all three components together. One could also change just the chain alone and monitor the worn-out rate of the front and rear sprockets every two weeks. Chain is available at most places such like, Lim Ah Boy, Regina, Chong Aik, Eversuccess, Motorworld etc. Are you intending to change the chain on your own? Otherwise, any workshops out there should be able to serve you with your request.
  13. Hi chiok_2727 Welcome to the forum! First, there are two feasible alternatives, Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) or purchase the accessories elsewhere (online shop or accessories shop) and have another mechanic from another shop to perform the installation. Most accessories available locally or in Malaysia or Thailand which, usually meant for Honda Phantom or Steed could be fitted on with minimum effort of modification or neither at all. Some suggesting locations to where you could find these accessories locally, (Infamous Aunt shop, Lim Ah Boy, Regina, Loois, Chong Aik etc). However, if you are
  14. The three mentioned models has the same rear tire width 170mm, literally. Additional allowance of width size increment probably lies between 10 to 30mm range but, if you are looking for a width size of the means, you would probably have to consult Mr. X-ilED which, I believe that would be his expertise in this field.
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