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  1. How much is the road tax for B-King?
  2. Anybody took TP in SSDC already. Revision start at 7am and Test 8.15am. I would like to find out when the result will be out (ard what time?)
  3. Pushing the bike ard fig 8 is no problem. More of the obstacle course. Mine is the plank and bumpy course that's a killer.
  4. Very nice bike. I was eyeing on the Z1000SX. Saw in the pic that you had change the exhaust pipes. How much? Is it legal pipes? Cheers.
  5. I haven't been riding for the past 7yrs. Last bike was Super 4 Vtec.
  6. I thinking of getting the Z1000 or Speed Triple. As they seems not so common on the road, how's the availability of spare parts & maintenance cost like? Thanks for the sharing.
  7. I just sign up for Class 2 at SSDC. Anyone juz sign up too?
  8. hi,

    i saw you post and know you study psb before,wish seeking your advice.Hearing that SIC also got degree course.so i need to chose one of them.can give your precious advice.tks

  9. I saw on the website for the degree in business (business admin, marketing, etc), require to pass English at least C6 for O Level. Is it really so strict? I got a Engineering Diploma. Can anyone confirm whether with Diploma still need a pass in English?
  10. I am not a good player. Keep losing when playing with my friends. So wanted to learn some skills but not lose money until siaoz.
  11. Can u pls give me the exact address for Q shop?
  12. Approximately how much will the snooker cue cost?
  13. Sorri if I nvr describle properly. I mean there are different kinds of tips for the cue. Anyway where's the place to buy cues?
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