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  1. Upppppppp quit riding fire sale
  2. Regular service, replace engine oil mthly without fail Maintenance during ownership: 1. Coolant yearly 2. Front and rear brake pad and flush brake fluids 3. Belt, roller and u clip 4. Outer comp clutch 5. Face set drive and moveable 6. Air filter 7. Rear Yss DTG suspension 8. Face boss drive, face drive, face comp moveable 9. Gear oil 10. Front fork oil, dust and oil seal COE dec 2021, combine brake, excellent fuel consumption of 43 - 45km/l Bike is maintained regularly as reliability is very important for me. Contact me now for viewing. Thanks for viewing Tra
  3. alright thanks alot, but the windshield i cant seem to find barracuda brand locally, only available thru oversea? or there is a seller here in singapore?
  4. Hi guys, I'm the new owner of my fz6n 2009 model. Been looking for some bling to add onto her, just to name a few where can i get these item? and roughly their damage? -tankbra -windshield ( brand?) -headlight protacter
  5. sorry post wrong section, pm u

  6. hi are u still selling the spark FBD rim? pls reply me thx

  7. do u still have hugger for sales? black prefer
  8. 27 feb onward no problem til april 13
  9. wooo thx thx alot.. after 25feb thx alot!!!
  10. wow wasted cannot go, wasted change date leh!!
  11. A&W Outing Venue : Taman U Petronas Date : 17/02/2008 Time : 1100 / 11am Meet up PT : 2nd Link GP Petronas Short overseas Trip Excursion Estimated travel Distance : 29km Estimated travel Duration : 30mins Things to take note: -In terms of break contact / breakdown (touchwood hopefully not...) stay at point of break contact last seen convoy, dun turn anyhow so it will b easy for ppl to back track and find u. (Around 20 km from GP Esso, there is a Honda Agent bike shop and their service is good, been there as so unluckily previous trip there my friend's bike tyre punctured.)
  12. wow die cannot sunday i working morning to night, how?? change date?
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