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  1. Of course. Nicest people are on C70s. Hee... Do I sense Club C70 forming soon since its getting popular?
  2. Any C70 riders staying in western side of Singapore? Anyway, I know Jayel is gonna move to the west cos he finds people staying in the west more friendly. Right, Jayel?
  3. Ya. Everything dismount according to them. I did not check it out. Anyway, still in the process of respraying. Didn't hurry them and hope that it will turn out good.
  4. Got it respray at Glen Motor @ $330.
  5. The above bikes I am selling on behalf for my friend. Not mine. Anyway, really looking at owning the round headlight one. Such a rare one. But too ex for me...
  6. No la. I doubt I will ever sell my C70. Simply loving it. Will sell my other 2 bikes but not C70! Sold yours?
  7. Hi guys, just sent my C70 for respray today. Can't wait for it to be ready... Meet up for C70s is near...
  8. Oi, you still around? Or you post for fun? The least you can do is to reply.

  9. Hi, I am interested in the helmet. Where to view? Do sms me at 82852225.


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