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  1. Hepco Becker 55 Litres for sale. https://sg.carousell.com/p/hepco-55litres-top-box-176075286/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Fcarlers.jm&ref_sId=783358 Seldom use and kept in store. Mild condition. Was installed on my FJR With Baseplate: $500 Without Baseplate $400 Contact me @ 8|399099 Thank you.
  2. Hey guys! Btw my nightster is still available for sale,any interest pm me.. Thanks!
  3. Hey Melvin, im selling my nightster..... interested? All stock... http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/350540-Mar-2009-Harley-Nightster-for-Sale anyone here interested??? heeh.. will stop riding temporarily.
  4. i didnt zhng alot leh, but i ride almost everyday, as bike is my primary transport. ha! but with the currrent stringent measures, thinking of switching back to a Fazer / VFR. haii!
  5. HAHAHA! Jamez you gotta lookout for him, dont be drunk on the night, esle you will end up somewhere. HA~~
  6. eh? is the PSB-TUV at Science park consider a laboratory for LTA?
  7. haha! Booked a place on 14 Feb at Handlebar, Jamez and yohji have to carry a rose to meet =D
  8. Hi mates, anyone can recommend what tyres is suitable our ride, i.e. metzler, etc.. yes, the dunlop is really ... useless... dont know whether will it skid if someone were to do a fast turn, on dry road.
  9. yeaa.. thats a Nightster.. nice bike !~
  10. haha! sama sama.. my sportsters comes with the V&H, but i guess is two loud for me, thus I stick on my stock exhaust... Looking for 49states, the same as mikcheechuen2008.
  11. yes. im riding a 09 sportster, nightster, as long as is EFI model, can be fixed.


    Priced 500 was decided after much advices from senior harley mates, it should be quite neither too high or low =D

  12. Bro can the v&h pipes fit 09 sportster.... hope the price can be neg????

  13. Hi guys, would like to ask anyone selling saddlebags for Sportsters/nightsters? thanks!
  14. Hi Gary, thanks for your reply. Whoa just by looking at your sentence saying 9year old 12k, still on a high side, which means the actual valuation of your bike should cost lesser than 12k? whoaa.. meaning 1999 i should be looking at ard 8 - 10k then?
  15. haah... isee! so what will be the price range if a 99' sportster S is up for sale? COE till 2019.. owner strip and rebuild.
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