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  1. U still have your stock gen2 tail light?? Want to sell ??sms me at 9=8=2=0=1=5=8=4

  2. Hi lady busa, pls be inform this friday meetup will change to carl's junior and pls inform yr bf and friends abt it... Will be going to malaysia for short ride up, interested pls sms me @ 82889444 (Chua) Lastly, don't post e meeetup in e forums as we don't intend to invite one guy...

  3. 2day nv go out meh?

  4. Hi, i am staying in Pasir Ris, see u wan to meet up together or not. Will be going to Mac for a drink b4 going for e meetup. Call me @ 82889444 (TK)

  5. bro i will attend the meetup, see u on that day. (TK 82889444)

  6. hello... wat do u mean by customize??? any suggestion on where can i do the customize??? Thanks

  7. Hi, do u know Melissa & Eric?

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