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  1. https://sg.carousell.com/p/hjc-full-face-helmet-i70-tony-elias-253185704/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ffastgame888%2F&ref_sId=1864322 full face helmet . 2days old . tony elias i70 . size: XXL. head size cm 63-64 Reason for selling : girlfriend brought same helmet as surprise gift . therefore now i have extra ! Brand new . never wore before, never used on road . Original price brought is $200 . price selling 168. Price nego for fast buyers. 1 and only helmet left. First come first serve . text 81882176 for fast game. self collect nex / lavender area .
  2. hello

    daniel here

    how much are u letting ur r6 go for?

  3. boy..are the r6 riders united now. we should have a local meet up pic day ,local rounding. 2ndlink night whackaton , msia a&w day trips and opps..yea track attack. cheers
  4. 1.sibingai voted for hanzi n amba 2.OhMiGosh go for hanzi's design. -black- 3.RAKz voted Sapitos's design 4.ettaque for hanzi and amba (feels that the big r6 logo catches the eye) 5.Shawn votes for Sapitos's design 6.Lamerfornica vote Sapitos's design 7.mich vote for all 3 cuz all also nice. 8.nihaoma vote for sapito and hanzi [email protected] - fine with all design. cuz is the r6. 10.yanani-fine with all design........ 11.snakeman-vote for my own design - white 12.Barongan78-vote for all 3 cuz all nice-any color wil do 13.non stop racing - hanzi . 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.
  5. good idea. how long to charge the battery ? i try kicking start ,really cant work at all.. i also wonder whats wrong ... but i guess the suggestion u all give is good enuff for now. tks guys
  6. hi guys. tks for pic update . try kick start but cant work. batt totally flat now. guess i have to tow to bikeshop n replace battery.
  7. nice outing man.. makes me feel like going the next if there is one . right now cant wait to fix my 07 tps problem. cant maintain throttle on low rev ,its either accelerate all the way or don throttle at all. nice sig sapitos !!!
  8. my sister bike refuse to crank,shows light off on meter. i suspect its low batt, shes on holiday on cny and lends me her bike as spare bike....question is. how do i jumpstart it ? car to bike is it okie. i no idea where e battery component is..
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