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  1. https://sg.carousell.com/p/hjc-full-face-helmet-i70-tony-elias-253185704/?ref=profile&ref_referrer=%2Ffastgame888%2F&ref_sId=1864322


    full face helmet . 2days old . tony elias i70 .

    size: XXL. head size cm 63-64

    Reason for selling : girlfriend brought same helmet as surprise gift . therefore now i have extra !


    Brand new . never wore before, never used on road .

    Original price brought is $200 .

    price selling 168. Price nego for fast buyers.

    1 and only helmet left. First come first serve . text 81882176 for fast game. self collect nex / lavender area .

  2. A+star thread guys. keep it coming..............................


    the country i like to migrate : thailand

    reason: culture,people, nightlife .

    drawback:finding a job there tt pays well.


    singapore is ok to live . just barely ok. things are expensive,lots of endless tax coe erp bah bah bah and sometimes i look arnd......causasian,prc,india,expats,foreigner,foreigner....... where are my homeland people ? personally i just feel a losing sense of belonging here each day..........

  3. Bros.. My experience yesterday..


    Auto pilot from Singapore Custom to home.. Dun even recall how i did the corners from SLE-CTE-PTE...

    I recall, i took a smoke at Singapore customer expressway, den up SLE.. den auto pilot liaoz.. next time i recall, I'm at the traffic light near my house..


    Oh yea.. some image that i can recall is.. "I overtake a car on the first lane/i signal left and took the 3rd lane/ and the most things i recall.. I cannot keep within lane and i'm auto piloting at 6th gear all the way..


    I've been thinking.. How I use top gear to turn the CTE-PIE / SLE-CTE..


    Lastly. I dun even remember turning the throttle... and micro sleep doesn't corners on your own as you only go straight...






    Comments :

    1) You might be riding "subconsciousness" as that road is your most familiar road.

    2) Someone from your family *dead members assist you and ride for you back home.

    3) Your bike has know it's way home and turning itself and etc* I guess this one?


    Why I guess number 3?

    Cause I treat my bike very good de.. I even chat with it.. thru it doesn't respose.. sometimes, b4 it's going to be spoilt, it will tell me beforehand by some sounds and etc..


    dont drink n ride. lol

  4. whr did u get urs from ? i bought mine abt a year back.. 120bucks.. btw wat symtoms did ur bike had when the batt was dying ?
    symtoms included hard to start bike,meter will disappear for a while when cranking , change at motor factor by alex. trustyworthy guy, so i juz come forum dbl check onli. : D


    bro long time no see...hmmm if i not wrong our batt is reali exp lor...
    yeah man...original stuff


    i think you change back to the original battery right? If its the original bat den it should cost around $170. Other brand and model that can be use for R6 should cost around $90-$120. whats the diff i really don know, any one can help? coz i'm changing my bat soon. :)


    yes bro. but if those 90-120$ batt is yuasa brand i dont mind changing next time....for now juz settle with my current ! : )

  5. respect man !!!!! we need more ppl like u to test the system , so goverment will know how stupid kpe speed limit really is..... i kudos to ur $ and demerit point for sacrifice to sporean transportation system . legend in the making !!!!

  6. This may be a off topic issue .. but then .. hope u guys can help keep a look-out while u r out riding your bike ..


    my friend lost his bike at the MSCP at downtown east chalet 2 days ago at ard 4am ..

    he got off his bike at ard 12am , a passerby asked him for directions , he assisted him and therefore forgot that his key is still in his ignition . according to the CCTV there , his bike was stolen minutes before he reach the MSCP at 4am .


    CCTV also captured that its a bunch of riders hanging out near that area .. spotted the key is there . then that whole lot left , after that , 1 bike pillion 1 guy went back to the MSCP again . the pillion start the bike and left off .


    that bunch of rider is using "cutting/logo" helmet .. its a orange design in the centre of the helmet with gold strip at the side .


    bike lost was a R6'08 . black . fully stock with K2 tyre .


    number plate : FY908D


    any1 with info on this helmet design or this particular bike .. pls call me at

    9366-4949 .. thanks lot ..


    will keep alookout !

  7. any solutions???


    best solution is change to stock, since ur stock bike. when u full system then consider aftermarket filter etc...



    btw guys, regarding outings in local or 2ndlink right, u all dont hav wait for me to organise..as long u guys feel like rounding or pump, can mass sms the list ! :) . tonite got 2nd link pump with my frens 1 vtr,1 cbr litre 1.0,hope u guys dont mind merge.. i will sms the list later. if raining cancel..meeting point will be at yishun dam. cheerss :)

  8. i see the list suddenly hav my number n become organiser..confirm is chun put 1 !!! haha. so guys when u all free ? i mostly free everynow and then. who knows msia road well ? lets go eat Kfc ? this sat nite any takers.... :D

  9. wooo. so who regulary go out on their own ? now its time to meet up for kahkis. either those who prefer sg rounding or 2nd link pumper . pls put ur name


    r6 sg rounding weekly/monthly





    r6 2nd link regular trip pumpers!


    1. non stop racing



    i cant stand take it more ..ytd go potong pa sir whack all the way up bridge 180km.. tpe 4am 230km.... need to clear thooart for r6 or he be 6ick ! lets organise guys

  10. hm.. guys dunw ait liao lets plan 1 early 1


    13/10/08 THURSDAY 10pm YISHUN DAMP

    After activity go 2nd link blast..(to be comfirm)

    All bikes are welcome but still hope can see a few more vtr

    Outting will be cancel if less than 4 ppl




    2)Non stop racing ( cb kl u go 2nd link no call me i sure kill u ,haha)

  11. classs 2 is simplyyyyy magiccc.

    seriouslly $ most important, must ask yrself this . if you have to tahan with current bike,when ur class 2,can you take it ? like many other say,if $ allow, go ahead with ur dreambike ,no regrets.


    second is choosing what bike tt suits u, either for track or msia touring or just daily use. choosing wrongly a superbike in ur condition will frustrate you in traffic lights,cook you balls to medium done and not to mention under utilise the bike but choosing wisely in your condition will let u taste the torque ,the speed,the sheer power of ur rocketbike firing off like a bullet,the engineering genius of the bike when u bank into a corner etc, u be surprize the amount of time u used to travel is now faster. at least in my opinion. Happy choosing ;)

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