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  1. hi bro.. is the 0902 in stock..? if yes, wanna get it fa my 1098S.. :cheers:
  2. hey bro.. a very good monday morning to u.. im interested to install dis hella horn on my 1098s.. so, possible to recommend any shop dat does installation..? or i have to find my own.? cheers~
  3. hi bro. i'm interested to buy ur termis pipe. pls call or text me at 82230774. zaim. thanks

  4. some points to take note.. make sure the shop has no hidden cost (etc: early settlement fee).. cos dis can also b a problem in future.. & ensure that after u do the calculation urself (dwnpay + monthly instalment) the difference is not dat large.. some shops lure u into giving u cheap machine price but when u do the calculation, end up u pay a "bomb" in total.. slowly bro finding one.. once everything is up to ur wants, & the finance of the shop is not dat jialat, grab it.. btw, wat shop is it dat u ask..? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. woah.. otr 19k is consider a good deal.. wif coe around 2.2k fa now.. but dat 7% a bit high.. 1-2% more.. u manage to calculate ur monthly x no. of instalments plus dwnpay equals to..? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. u were refering to ur fs or aftermarket fs..? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. hi... blh kenal2....??? :)

  8. oit...lama ilang bro..

  9. Bro why did u msg me here? u should have PM or SMS me.. The gear indicator already sold..

  10. im also selling my stock header.. r608 wif catalyser box remove & inserted wif midpipe.. interested..?

  11. interested in ur gear indicator.. get back to me asap aite.. cheers!!

  12. yes bro still available. contact me 98516225. view at bukit batok west ave 5 opp BBDC.

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