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  1. Hi your coocase tank bag available?

  2. Which year model for the Honda Hornet 250?

    Looking for Top box rack or side box rack


    (Daphne 62925578)

  3. Boss got bracket for box for Hornet 250?

  4. Hi ur laptop still available? Can i know how ling uve used it, does it come with MSOffice?

  5. Hi can i view the laptop this Sat?

  6. hmm just realised got this secret msg! huhu

  7. Haha.......this one power right....secret msg.....

  8. Haha I didnt see this test till today... Still a mountain tortise...

  9. used racetecs - hi bro, i've posted a thread in garage sales for the used tyres. i didn't specify price as $50 as I wana see if can get more. if anyone ask just open price at $70. if they ask for lesser just ask them contact me on my hp.





  10. Testing Testing....................lol

  11. Good luck guys. I will try to be there to support whenever I can.
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