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  1. Used Honda Silverwing FJS400D, 2008 model, original muffler. Item removed from bike, no need swap, take and go. Not for fussy buyer. Condition 7/10. $50. https://carousell.com/p/164633984/
  2. Hi, looking to buy a budget tmax/sw400.. Anyone has an older tmax for sales? Or know of which shop selling? Thank you!
  3. Hi, looking to buy a budget tmax/sw400.. Anyone has an older SW for sales? Or know of which shop selling? for Thank you!
  4. Looking for tmax or silverwings, older models due to budget constraints.. do pm me if youre selling, or know of any shop selling! Thanks!
  5. dun rush into buy a bike.. slowly find till got 1 u think is problem-free one @ a reasonable price.. if not u may end up paying a bomb for repairs.. of coz, it depends on luck too
  6. but dats not the only reason y ur valves will bend.. may be other factors too..
  7. yea.. valve clearance if not done properly can cause ur whole engine to overhaul.. worst case scenario change crankshaft.. =/
  8. bro .. has got an R1 with me up for sale now , 05 model .. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=234093

    if u interested i can help u find reloan .. bike is fully paid for now !

    gime a reply ya , tanks !

  9. holygod, how much u buy ur daytona footrest??
  10. i sure got the message.. lolx.. im only gonna buy in april or may like that.. u wanna reserve for me?? :x when the time comes i'll buy!! *loves stock rvf paintwork* haha.. but guess ur bike will be sold by then..
  11. hey hey.. bike back liao!! im so noob la.. bike towed to shop den mechanic says its becoz of fuel.. i remembered i check oil tank le, somemore i turn on reserve also le.. dunno y la.. anw juz paid the towing fee, so nvm.. my mechanic told me he last nite use my sp go whack till 160 den stop.. im tempted to go try myself sia >_ anw, anyone free to help me fix rpm cable tdy or tml?? went lab to get the cable juz now, waited 1 hr for the cable sia.. =/ now im riding w/o rpm le.. haha..
  12. Gd morning SPers!! yea lo.. now at bike shop le.. so sad.. later going down to see how is it le..
  13. yea i know.. that's y im trying my luck see anyone happen to know the condition of the one at excel now.. haha.. anw dat rvf has been there for quite some time now, more den half a year le.. but then again, i bought my sp from excel, n have gone back whenever something happen to my bike.. find dat the mechanic there is nice.. yea..
  14. hey hey.. haha.. im also gonna buy rvf this april/may, when i come back from india.. lets upgrade sp to rvf tgt Anw, anyone here happen to know the condition of the rvf at excel now?? i asked david(boss of excel) n he says hes selling it for 6k+, i nv ask exactly how much, FS plate fixed wif GPR end can, stock painting(juz the way i wan it).. one of my frenz says it buang b4, den the mechanic (ah meng) says nv buang b4.. so, does anyone here know?? thks in advance for any help ^^
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