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  1. hmm... i wonder if the new xjr1300 ohlins shocks can fit our bikes...
  2. penalty box header also good. sure can score goal 1. ahhahahahah!
  3. hey im wondering, anyone here has done a clutch housing replacement with replacement of clutch plates as well? estimated costs anyone knows?
  4. A macrider. This pakcik told her all that and 2 passerbys as well Im asking for witnesses so i can find out who to proceed with a lawyer. I dont know why u guys are so negative.
  5. It was lightly drizzling. The pedestrian crossed just when the bike was approaching her. She braked and swerved to avoid. Thats why she buang. Im her close friend. I myself travel that road daily
  6. how to? they still expect witness. plus the rider didn't see clearly as she was flung off the bike.
  7. Hi i'm looking for members of the public and eyewitness to an accident that happened last Thursday, 23rd June at around 8a.m along Teck Whye Ave towards Chua Chu Kang Drive that involved a female rider on a 125z and a pedestrian. The road was wet and the female rider was travelling at a normal speed as she just left home. Pedestrian jaywalked right in front of Chua Chu Kang C.C exactly when the female rider was at the bend which caused the rider to do an emergency braking and skidded. Rider sustained cuts and bruises and a hairline crack on her ankle, the motorcycle is beyond description...
  8. Theres such a thing called parallel import
  9. The coverset is different. Its like in m'sia they released the 5 gear version of the new spark135
  10. Anyone know which shop brings in the jupiter mx version of spark? I seen 2 on the road so far. Your replies are appreciated
  11. I know her. Her father is my colleague
  12. hi you can try refer to this? hope it helps. http://www.contactsingapore.sg
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