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  1. im trying bro... but seems like cnanot leh... hahah just text me 96222701
  2. bro by any chance u can PM me? i unable to send PM hahahaha
  3. Pandora, im up for the sat morning ride, do let me know k?
  4. Haiz, i start work liaoz, cannot join that much liaoz
  5. A hayabusa with a smelly exhaust... lol
  6. Bro, u see wrong la... hayabuSOH not SA
  7. Hmm, i think i stay the furthest... i stay bedok south wor
  8. Hi there,


    I seem to have seen your bike at my void deck before.


    If u noticed the black GSR parked there, that is mine :)

  9. AhGui

    Bro, u also stay bedok rite? Say org a bedok riders meet up session u on?

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