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  1. Hey Bro, where did you get ur renthal bar fix onto your FZ-16? I also want to fixed a renthal bar on my FZ-16. How much? Amir-91469241

  2. just to check to u still sell fz16 tank cover

  3. just to check to u still sell fz16 tank cover

  4. just to check to u still sell fz16 tank cover

  5. Here's a vid with some top box and side bags. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU5MlwWoqRI
  6. Was told by the agent that Givi & Kappa are taking fz16's measurement for the rack as this bike is still new here.
  7. Azzy

    hello there bro, im gonna get the fz 16 these few days, how much and where do u get urs ? cheers :)

  8. Considering between Honda Tiger n FZ16 now, but its rear drum brake. Hmmm...
  9. Bro lindavw n guys, thnx for the lights.
  10. Lindavw Ive not changed my E.O yet, so alryt later il bring my E.O ait.. Thankz.. Ok anyone wana meetup first Il be around bendemeer area ...
  11. erm.. to make things clear for all of us, its at 0015Hrs, 17th Feb right?
  12. hehe... there will always b next time yea...
  13. Originally Posted by kang2 Guys, our chief mechanic (Lindavw) has agree to help / assist to fixed the hazzard lights. Please have a show of names who are interested.. Closing date: 15 Feb 08 LAST DAY Date: TBN (End of Feb Fri / Sat) Time: Evening Location: Serangoon Area Material cost: Less than $20 1. Kang2 2. yz1983 3. totalpet 4. favetp 5. Solar 6. noleemeats 7. Azzy Those who interested juz have to find ur own way to mount the hazard light switch.
  14. Azzy

    N82 Nokia

    Yea.. 2 yrs with starhub. No trade at all, Got it at suntec city, During the CNY starhub roadshow, they deduct additional $50 compare to other outlets, and i got additional $200 exclusive voucher off since my fren werkin in starhub, yea.. from there was how i got the lobang, lovely phone. NJoy~!
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