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  1. Have an unused stock original CB 400 revo year 2013 header and endcan. Rode from Boon siew to workshop with it, probably 10km after that kept in the storeroom till now. End can is wrap in bubble wrap in the white plastic bag Looking price: $300. Cash and carry n not nego. Location: choa chu kang, near lot 1 area. PM me if interested. Andrew
  2. Hi All, Selling Ohlins rear shock with canister (Model HO 1451) dekit from my ver S. Can be fixed on CB 400 (Ver S/1/2/3/Revo) Selling Price - 1400 (nego). No low ballers please. Cash and carry. Collection @ CCK area. I cant manage to upload the photos up, drop me your email address, n will forward you the photos instead. Interested people, please sms to :85779837
  3. Hi All, Selling LV Slip On (SS), Street Legal dekit from ver s. Comes with security bolt and R&G protectior Come with cert and receipt from date of purchase(30 june 2012). Selling Price - 350 (nego). No low ballers please. Cash and carry. Collection @ CCK area. Interested people, please sms to :85779837
  4. hi all, interested in buying ver s suspension + front brake calippers. deal at cck. Any lobang can pm me. thanks
  5. got a few qns to ask for revo, 1) fixing power commander will it void the bike warrenty? 2) is power commander required to tune the bike if aftermarket slip on n knn air fliter is fixed.
  6. no brand new gsr, then wat the last gsr reg? best is reg in 2011? i wanna offload my ver s n get something different.
  7. any idea where to get a brand new gsr 400? loois?
  8. Hi guys where to look for 2006 monster 400.
  9. both 400. 1 fairing 1 naked. though coming out class 2 is very tempting. but the road + tax insurance is quite alot considering that i wan to ride on alternate days. plus, i dont go malaysia to pump. so 2a is sufficient for sg road. n class 2a new upcoming model all like parellel twin pattern liao. other than revo. so thinking of buying another rvf is to switch on alternate days. sounds kinda dumb but everyone has its thinking ba.
  10. Wan to come out class 2 but I keeping my ver s to rid on alternate days
  11. Can get stock condition. Around 4 - 5k? Consider low baller?
  12. Hi guys, anyone selling fw plate rvf? I don't mind condition is in bad shape, can slowly do up the bike.
  13. if i were you, there will be 2 plans. Plan A = Change bike, less problem. Plan B = if still love the current bike, push to shop, change everything that has not changed under your 7 years of care. Due to singapore have a irratic rainy forecast. Old bike will tend to be the victim due to the wear and tear issues esp electric. Rather than solve 1 issue and wait for another to pop up, redo everything and have less worry.
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