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  1. Titi pte ltd... located just diagonally opposite from ducati agent.

  2. Bro ask you from which shop did you bought the akrapovic slip on for the hypermotard?

  3. Hi all... I've just bought a used Ducati Sports Classic from an ang moh expat. The spokes are really rusty and a few rust here and there. Anybody got any good tips to share on how to remove the rust and bring back the shine? Thanks very much in advance.. Eugene
  4. Hi guys and girls, I'm letting go my Monster 696 by the 13th of next month (that's when my insurance and road tax expires). So i thought if anybody is interested in buying my Akrapovic Carbon Fiber end cans. Going at $1800. No ECU. Text/Whatsapp me @ 9743 6635 if u're interested. Text me first before calling, cuz i'm avoiding unknown numbers, alot of banks have been sending their pinoys to call me advertising their promotional cards. The end cans only fit the following models: -Monster 696 -Monster 796 -Monster 1100/s NOT compatible for Monster EVO. Thanks! Buyer will receive the
  5. U go to http://www.ducati.com.sg , roll your mouse over the 'BIKES' and select the 'COMPARE BIKES' option. select your desired year of manufacture, followed by the Monster category, add in the 696 & 796 respectively. U can compare the specs much easier with the details laid out side by side. Actually not much difference in the details of specs. But as a owner of M696 myself, i will also recommend you the M796. My reason is also the same as robertgl. cheers!..
  6. Yup, akrapovic is legal for M696, M796 & M1100S. They are all compatible for all models. Here's my M696 fitted with akras.. The dealer for akrapovic exhausts is Works Performance, which doesn't include installation. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Works-Performances/204671886224386 I got mine through Unique Motorsports which includes installation (additional $100 plus).
  7. Scenario 1 happened on the stock pipes tho'. So i'm not sure if it's my akras causing the problem... Haven't retune my ecu yet.
  8. hm..ok. will do the check soon, approaching my 12k servicing. thanks!
  9. I'm not sure if any other Monster owners here encounter the same thing. I'm riding a Monster 696. Anyway, here it goes... Scenario 1 : I was at the traffic junction waiting for the lights to turn green. Just as i was about to clutch in to engage back to gear 1, the power went off by itself. It was like a 'restart' function. My meter went blank & the engine died. It all happened within a split second. The power came back and my meter light up again. I quickly ignite and move off before the cars behind me start honking... Scenario 2 : I was on my way to work and was negotiating a bend
  10. Do check your wheel bearings as well..
  11. I'm using my M696 as a daily transport to work. Maybe i'm too tall for the bike, my arms sore from withstanding my upper body weight due to the posture. But a good way to train your biceps too. Anyway, the M795 is not made in thailand. it's still manufactured in italy, just assembled in thailand. If i'm not wrong, other than differences in swing arms, bhp & torque between the M696 & M796, the suspension used are also different. M696 : Showa M796 : Ohlins M1100: Marzocchi
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ9NusOKZU0&feature=related
  13. Maybe a list of maintenance that has been done. Receipts of parts (internal & external) that has been replaced (spark plugs, starter coil, timing belt, engine oil, etc..). Probably that will give u some assurance. Other than that, set aside $2k. If nothing happens, then the $2k will be a bonus (carbon fibre parts, rizoma, etc...). Most important is to ensure your brake pads and brake fluid are still 'usable'. My 2 cents worth
  14. yup! no worries, there's always another time.
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