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  1. hi bro.. im trying to create a chat grp.. can whatsapp me bro 90026223

  2. Hi bro. Received your PM but could not reply to it. When are you planning to go there?

  3. selling bro ur race fairing?

  4. both are only end can.. u can purchase the akra.. both are not street legal..
  5. u need to remove the catalyzer too if u wanna feel the power..
  6. Hi guys there is a concern here for some time for meet ups, i would need all the bros here to state name,ride and mobile+msn for quick contacts for outings. R6 Riders: 1.Lamerfornica(Dave)/R607Black/90268206/[email protected] 2.RAKz (Andy)/R608 Blue/98225872/[email protected] 3.kamal/r607 blue/98422131/[email protected]
  7. ala bro just wanna know more r6 riders out there.. hehe..
  8. well the main diff is the cc of course.. 1000 and 600..
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