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  1. https://sg.carousell.com/p/bmw-f700gs-coe-till-2025-74343126/?ref=search&ref_query=f700gs&ref_rank=3&ref_referrer=%2Fsearch%2Fproducts%2F%3Fquery%3Df700gs F700gs bmw silver color Mileage : 13k + Reg date : april 2015 Pml bike. Still in warranty Bought the 20k maintainence package so the next service at pml so the next service is free Accessories : Remus exhaust Touratech crashbar and engine guard Vario side rack Barkbuster handguard Front and rear hd video recording camera Puig touring windshield Clearwater foglight with hornband dim function Brake footpeg extender Touratech bra
  2. Selling both rack and side pannier 38ltr. Please contact me at 987 six 94 three 6 for more information. Will send you picture via whatsapp. Looking at 900 for both rack and panniers. Thanks
  3. What kind of magic tricks are you into. I am just an amateur.

  4. Hi, I am selling H&B side pannier... let me know if you interested in case you change your mind. Thanks! can msg 82331635

  5. Nt yet bro..wassup?

  6. hi am interested in your varadero ... please contact me at 98769436

  7. Haha where did u get the file ?? Hmmm so jialat ah any disadvantage when drill switch on fairring ?
  8. Wahh very nice how did u cut the fairings to place the swtich really need to meet u up already very lost when I do my bike
  9. Haha okay okay rectifier won't be expensive I guess hmmm anyway u seem to be good at electrical stuff I wan to do some electrical mod might need your help and advice of course I don't trust bike shop to do it they tend to mess up wires hmmm I wish to purchase a box drill few switch and use ram mount attatch the switch to my handle bar .. These switch are for erp unit .. Headlight ... 12v socket and maybe foglight u know how to install them ? Can guide me ?? Cause I heard need to install fuse here and there
  10. Wah so means if I wan to go on a tour need to change a battery huh ?? We can't charge them ?
  11. Which means if headlight on the volt will be lower ? Cause mine is always on hmmm and cruising volt around 13.4
  12. How much u selling for ?? Where to view
  13. Eh change throttle cable, tensioner ( I think it's set a whole set near the tensioner cause they change the chain too) throttle body sync, valve clearance
  14. Argh anyone could help me ?? Recently I have bring my bike for a full service and now when I took back my bike voltage seem to be unstable sometime when I idle it's 11.8 volt sometime it's 12.6v before service my cruising was 13.7v but now it become 13.4 or 13.5 only any idea wad cause this ?
  15. N u r? I've got no intention to sell anyway...

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