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  1. Thanks for the compliment.


    Its way complicated to explain and the knowledge/contacts required to do this were gained through many years of riding, so it's difficult to explain in one sitting.


    My advice is join us on the next trip and you can do it yourself once you are confident enough to.


    The Sepang booking fee is confidential and was negotiated with the help of Senior industry figures and management of Sepang based on the fact that we are non-profit. I am not allowed to discuss the fee, but you can be confident that we make nothing from it. We as organisers even pay the same price as everyone else to ride the track and have accounting records with receipts to prove where the money is spent in case of suspicion


    Anyone who wants to do the same as us is welcome to do so, on their own terms with SIC. We do this for fun and have nothing to lose.


    Hartholomew Mamola

  2. Hi , I saw you organised a Sepang Track day follow by a Genting ride on Sunday.. That was a very Gd idea!! Coz i wish to go Sepang Track n also ride the mountain roads of Genting .. Can u pls guide me how should i go abt ?? Coz i am a road idiot !!! Btw , i heard we can actually booked the Sepang track at $3500rm for 2 hours ?? Isit true ?? Pls do call me ay 97441678 thank you

  3. [QUOTE=aub;3872585]bring PSP along!!!! [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="3"]Dun forget to bring charger .... Enjoy urself guys i wont be able to make it Coz it is 1 week after my long weekened n i need to apply leave if i wan to go sob sob n my leave left not much [/size][/color]Hmm track anyone during the 1 week sch holiday ???
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