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  1. super4 is very different. have to relax the handlebar
  2. get the dr j and h if you have money. i think it may hit 99db
  3. my honda also have rust wat
  4. sportsters dun have the cam chain tensioner shoe issue, In that sense, they have the one up on other harleys
  5. yeah sportsters go jb not worth it. anybody here have the remus pipe?
  6. any west side sportsters want to do a meetup? i live at jurong west, know that there are a lot of sportsters around the west.
  7. http://www.thesmokingjacket.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/Mei-Ling-Lam.jpg to get the blood flowing to the correct place
  8. singapore is a country run by school geeks that study whole day never have fun, always laughed by girls only know books. you expect them to know anything about freedom and fun?
  9. so malaysian bikes they catch anot????
  10. Bro still got that monorack??

  11. so this year chingay have harley anot? or is the TP all waiting at the line to catch all of them ?
  12. sound worst than super 4 with stock
  13. civil servant just sit there earn lots of money wor just imagine top civil servant, director level sit there balonglong earn 20 k a month becum minister 15k a month. still wan to cut? which stupid civil servant wan to serve?
  14. like this with thumbs ups
  15. wasted i xl size, if not sure get
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