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  1. Hi bro, how did u deactivate HISS?

  2. aiyah "daddy" dun care lah, they stupid, wait til they upgrade or mature, den they realised that their actions 2day is so CHILDISH.
  3. eh, but i think this 1 useless. coz its above the end can, unless its below the end can den maybe it can protect ur end can.
  4. but i think the hahabubu beri nice lei. sg pool gib mi luck 2molo den i go take cls 2 den i go buy.
  5. here remembered still got others but lazy to search, think this is accessible.
  6. airbrush ur box oso. lagi swee. oh ya, btw, nv spray bellypan meh?
  7. silicone? tape oso useable. tats y need the voltmeter. somewhere in the headlight.
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