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  1. Brand: Megelli Engine Capacity: 124 Register Date: 21 Sep 2012 Coe Expire: 21 Sep 2022 Road Tax: Nov 2017 Mileage: 24000 Type: Street Bike View: Jurong West St 42 Selling: 3500SGD Cash Servicing: every 2000, service at Heng Motors Remarks: Minor Dent and Scratches Reason for Selling: Owner going to relocate to another country due to work Contact: Nine 33 Six 1820
  2. what are you talking about? read the thread carefully

  3. hello.. how much is ur pipe for cbr600? mine is 07 model.. how much u quoting?

  4. tsk, poor boy, still going on about this? How sweet! ;)

  5. ur stuff is such a cheap stuff so don't say until like u are so rich . can even buy ohlin damper then u wan show off . wake up ur idea

  6. Try me if u wan to p n K-Po .. Not happy we can try at PG ..

  7. Get a liter bike and fit it with yet another LV.
  8. You have enough space on your bars?
  9. if gen2 means '06 then yes. There's a H&B rack available for both sides and top.
  10. i... must... resist! troll... troll!
  11. Aye, I think there's no point riding too fast on our roads here also. But its always good to know that you're just a slight twist away from smoking the other 'general' population. Just don't try smoke anything with termis on. I average 200km for each tank on a 2006 but I pump once in 2-3weeks. Track anyone?
  12. bros, a z1000 06' tail section, is it the same as the s750?
  13. http://www.mivv.it/en/prodotti_apri.asp?cl=1&cs=317&codice_moto=174&codice_marca=2
  14. wah just because you are getting it doesn't mean i can't right? have you shipped it in already?
  15. wah just because you are getting it doesn't mean i can't right? have you shipped it in already?
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