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  1. Hey , where is mah motorsport ? Just wanna know where servicing cbr 150r will b.

  2. trip to vietnam was pretty ok. wanted to get to this motor accessories shop in ho chih min. ended up the shop was a gd 45min taxi ride away from the hotel. lucky i got the tourguide to help me call up the motorshop. because stocks for the carbon-look rear hugger i was aiming for (found on the shop's website) have yet to arrive. =(

  3. hey don ! hahaha, no worries mate (: so how's your trip ?

  4. hi bro. just got to see yr msg. haha. the popup blocker prevented the SBF website from notifying me on new messages.

    anyway, i just back from phuket~ haha

    no cbr150 there~


  5. Hi bro,


    Your bike is awesome and when i saw your bike repsol then suddenly come in mind World-Wear Pay them your visit hope you find a good stuff there



  6. Hi don ! i rmbr u said u gg overseas right early or late october ? which place u gg ? Thailand is it ?

  7. Hi. sorry, only saw yr msg now as i used popup blocker. for major servicing, i visit Planet Motor or Mah Motorparts.

    Planet helped me to strip the engine block top when the bike reached 92,000km.

    So far so good.

    Mah is for more minor repairs that come up unexpected. Go to them cause they are near my workplace. Just got a broken pin in carburettor fixed by them this morning. So far so good as well.


  8. bro....can i know where you do your servicing

  9. since u have done up e wear and tear items already, bike should be relatively good to go for at least another 50,000kms. and if it can last, perhaps can consider renewing COE for another 10yrs? it's really a waste to throw away the bike after doing it up. it really boils down to yr own opinion of the bike. i used to condemn the outlooks of cbr150. now i'm a proud owner of one for the past few years!
  10. intend to tong 1/2 nia. haha can feel the engine struggling when i hit 7k RPM after changing to aftermarket air filter, now gian to try a slightly modified pipe to see if can squeeze any more ponies out of engine~ alternatively, will wait till bike reaches 9yrs old then go mod exhaust after inspection. wahaha. ride w/ modified pipe until scrapyard wa liew. bike spin on floor somemore.
  11. anyone got a spare exhaust end-can to let go? original or modified* also can~ *not referring to aftermarket pipes like Yoshi or DBS. i wan it to look like stock
  12. for this analogy fwah. phantom cannot tahan fierce cornering? take care!
  13. i guess one positive angle to see this oil leak issue is that the oil leak rate seems kind of high - if it's big enough to form a visible patch over 2days. it makes detection of source of leak easier. perform the cleaning + check as i mentioned earlier. it's important to trace where the leak is coming from 1st. else no point dumping money to fix something that's not even the cause of the problem. if the leak is really coming from engine drain plug due to deteriorated screw threads, it is possible to do a re-thread using a slightly larger size thread. then u upsize yr drainplug thread acco
  14. peep under the bike at the engine oil drain plug area. use toilet paper and give it a good wipe to clear off the dirt and any wet patches of oil, etc. peep under the bike again in another few days or a week. if that area is not oily, then the loss of engine oil is not due to drainplug leakage. there are other ways engine oil could have been lost, e.g. engine oil got combusted with fuel due to worn out seals in the engine.
  15. are those superwhite bulbs for the headlight? got to monitor yr headlight casing for the next few weeks. the white bulb i got from JB melted the headlight casing on my previous bike. to be fair, the wattage indicated on the white bulb is higher than the stock bulb. but another (less white) bulb of the same higher wattage i was using before that didn't cause me any issues.
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