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  1. bro~.. SMS sent~..

  2. Hi bro

    jacket size?

    Best price cn nego?

    Where to deal?

    Msg me @ 90258921


  3. hi motoworld, could i reserved the dry master (RS-tachi)in Red raincloth? possible i will get it purchase on sat~... is it still available?

  4. Hi Chewelvin, the bike is still available~... pls view it in the weekends~... call me at 90040121~.. ^^

  5. si ki na~... just post sbf to sell things only si bo~... lolx~..

  6. keep "E" braking while pillion~?? lolx~...
  7. how come old birds wanna sell their babes away~???
  8. Day: 15 Feb 2008 Time: 2100 Place: KKFC Agenda: Simple meetup for Acesiew's last GSR ride will see if there is any other activity after that drinks provided..... with some snacks.. come early to get a seat..... see you guys... Interested parties: 1. Acesiew 2. dickchingus 3. skateboy (pending) 4. GSR^00^ (pending) but will try e best to come 5. Just_Rider(will join u guys after "pai nian") around 2300~... 6.
  9. yo runbird~... u fix up the stickers liao~?? nice~...
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