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  1. Selling at $2800 COE till Jan 2020 (still can renew) Accessories 1) Ermax Touring Windscreen 2) Scott-oiler 3) 1 Inch bar riser A good reliable economical class 2 bike for transport and occasional touring. Tires, battery and starter just changed. Bike need minor fix as the is small oil leak at the top of engine, despite that engine still running well, engine warning light never come up. I'm honest with my bike condition so please dun low ball me and refrain from negative comments. Thus the low price compared to bike shops and other sellers, considering the minor repair th
  2. too long nv been there liao...... forget the final turning point into the kelong......
  3. errrrr....... i not riding anymore...... on 4 wheels now...... u all should wait wait for me.......
  4. I drive a GETZ 1.6M 3Dr. So far so good, FC ard 12km/litre, car very easy to drive, and good pick up and power. I even try draggin with a vios, and manage to be in front, good interior plastic & leather used. Till now nv give me problems, did some exterior mods, looks damn good...... I nv regret buyin it. its a budget car, so dun expect too much, be it vios or getz. I dare to say that korean cars have come a long way to level up car standards comparing few years back.
  5. hmmmm....... i long time nv go liao.........
  6. :bouncefire: GATHERING @ YISHUN DAM @ 2200HRS!!!! SEE YA!!!!!
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