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  1. i have sms u. hope to hear from u.

  2. Bro can u contact me at 90684863.. Interested buyer Rizal

  3. That what i experience too, ride fast or slow also the same thing... -_-" Fyi Motoworld is selling the Headlight Shield @ $55.
  4. Fender Eliminator for the xj6s, could i know the price and installation? Thx...
  5. Hi bro.. Wanna ask u .. Whr u do ur alloy rack for drz.. Thkz so muzh..

  6. Hey bro, any possibility to change the light for a stock drz sm k6 speedometer? Thanks...
  7. Bro is ur FC plate px 150 still up for sale?

  8. nice short pipe.. hehe..

  9. Huh??? Its a FACT already ah?? KD sold his bike??? Wat telah happen??? HAiz.... :cry: :cry: :cry:
  10. Yup... As long your plate is does not support the authentic JAPAN RXZ... (Not sure from which plate it ends) Then yes the ROV will come to you like ants attracted to sugar... :giddy:
  11. Huh??? YOu selling your wife's bike ah??? Hmmm... Upgrading to R6??? hehehe:cheeky: :cheeky: Sad to lose another Rider.... :cry: But all the best... :thumb:
  12. ANyone Wanna Do an Outing for them??? > The Singapore Air Show (Singapore) 23 - 24 February 2008 > Formula 1 @ Sepang (Malaysia) 21 - 23 March 2008 > Formula 1 @ Marina (Singapore) 26 - 28 September 2008 > MotoGP @ Sepang (Malaysia) 17 - 19 October 2008 >** Kallang Cub Race (Singapore) Not too sure about the dates.. Pls do try to update this list... And we'll try to make an outing for them... Thanks guys... Especially to Shahrul_RXZ for adding the kallang cub race...
  13. Hey guys... I'm keen to find out if the licence plate with "flags" on the top corner is LEGAL??? If so any idea which shop does them and how much does it cost??? Thanks a bunch guys... :thumb: :thumb: P.s Who knows we can customize for our Z...
  14. Haiz... Very sad to lose a z rider, after all the planning of the shirt tingy... My z also causing problem but got chopped for rebor-ing my engine.... Guess its always like that... When we have loads of $$$$ the bike alright but when we low in $$$$ the bike cause all sorts of problem... :sian: Hope your bike will somehow recover and u dont need to sell ur track bike... Like that cant see you in action at PG on your z, especiall wif me in front of you.... wakakakakaka..... (In my deams) :dot:
  15. Hey Guys THis Year There's Loads Of Events Happening.... ANyone Wanna Do an Outing for them??? > The Singapore Air Show (This Weekend) > Formula 1 @ Sepang (Malaysia) > Formula 1 @ Marina (Singapore) > MotoGP @ Sepang (Malaysia) Sadly i only know 4 of them hehehe..... YOu guys are free to add on... Or even better suggest a plan for them??? Thanks guys... :thumb:
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