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  1. Won't fit on TA200 as Harley's use 1" bars, other bikes use 7/8" bars.





  2. Brother im keen on the chrome bar can sell me cheaper pls im still a student and just start to slowly mob my TA200 btw im still a newbie can kindly tell me is it able to fit on my TA200 ? thanks

  3. Have a look, all my parts for sale are here: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?t=281904 Cheers, Brett
  4. They enabled my account again, and I got a response from the webmaster, so all is good in the world again. ...and they upped my post count so I can post my harley bits for sale. Cheers, Brett
  5. Hi,


    How to post a new thread in the used bike sale section under garage sale? I have placed an ad in SGBikemart - does this automatically create a new thread in garage sale as well?





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