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  1. i kenna 'blow' too by lot of malay riders. no offence to malay here, but i seriously dont understand what they are thinking. i remember got once, at a quiet stretch of PIE at jurong, out came a RXZ, came to side by side with me, obviously a malay rider. Then look at me and as if mocking me. then ride ahead, 'blowing' all his 2T at me. wtf. Bo pian, that time my bike is really old and slow. Now quite different, now if anyone want to 'blow' me, i usually overtake without caring the heck abt them. there are just alot of clowns on the road which we should avoid.
  2. hi guys, wonder when u warm up ur x9 in the morning, how long u wait? i mean as u wait till the needle point to where? 2 bars up the blue portion, or? i notice if i wait till the normal temp, almost middle of the gauge, the engine is very smooth and if at a bar up the blue portion, the engine sound not-so-ok.
  3. To ts, seem that the taxi driver changed his story. Now things will be very complicated. Since you are the only witness, there will be still be some chances.. I know ur friend sure very depressed right now.. support him all the way bro.... anyway i realise the best way is always have a written agreement NOT verbal agreement. It will be best to keep pte settlement forms in our bikes/cars whenever we drive/ride.
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