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  1. Any meetup?? Riding RK...
  2. Aisey. I had alrdy bought frm someone else. Sorry

  3. Hi Chewy,

    I still have an original ST11 oem muffler if you are interested do contact me at hp-97406222(Isk):thumb:

  4. Hello chewbakka. I understood that you ever own a Dominator and well it now it is in my hands. I ust purchase the bike a week ago and now the bike engine refuse to start and it was parked at the carpark quietly. Have u ever experience this during ur stint riding this Dominator? PLs advice. Tks

  5. The gauge not working properly coz the fuel pump filter cogged up. Need to clean periodically. Happened to me and some others too but after I cleaned up the gunk, the bar went back to normal. Or u just can leave it alone. Or u can visit http://www.vstrom.info/Smf/index.php Enjoy the ride.
  6. hi bro, is your intruder still on sale? :)

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