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  1. Now the qstn is why can LTA certify a high DB pipe as compared to lower DB after market pipes? Are they unhappy with the decibel level or not paying them enough to shut their mouth?
  2. Really lost of words....
  3. I am one of the ghost...scare off all the gays lolz
  4. I went there to check it out but there wasn't any gay riders lolz...so i was safe. Yup was riding with a few Street Coyotes guys to Neo Tiew and ended up at CCK for a drink. Another group went to 2nd link...
  5. Bad Orange here...gays i can handle lolz
  6. Tks guys for the nice short ride
  7. .......................sorry deleted something
  8. Gay color is harmless to me....'Gu niang' i m not scared
  9. Bro Isk, did u guys meet at Wheelock big carpark on last fri coz i saw many scramblers there?
  10. On the 12th Aug i might be driving up Genting but yet to cfm. Let's play by ear ok?
  11. Longing to hv a decent distance ride...where shall it be? Desaru, Malacca or....??? Sg is too bored
  12. Hi guys...really thks for those who PM-ed me Shd there be any upcoming ride(s) do text or PM me but not too big a grp coz i m shy LOLz
  13. So calling for which black specky guy...? BTW I am a female rider LOLz
  14. Hi warmest greeting to all Harley riders.... I am looking for more new riding kakis for short or long ride...am riding a Vrod now. Hope to meet up soon
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