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  1. I suggest you save up more money before you start shopping, my friend. You cash on hand does not cover TPFT insurance, much less the deposit for the bike.


    I suggest in your case, to source for a friend who is moving on to class 2a and above, and take over his bike. and save up at the very minimum, your insurance and potential repairs of the takeover bike. 2k would be a good price.


    Good luck.

  2. Have you tried the shop beside Regina? The brother was confident when I brought my vespa gt in.
  3. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.
  4. If fuel is an issue, don't open the vtec. Expect a sub 15km/l FC if you cruise over 7k rpms.
  5. Please be adviced that the e450 and the e45 are different boxes. The e450 "simply" is a monolock, 42 liter box. It uses the baseplate shown. The e45 is an old monokey box. Baseplate used is similar to what the maxia series are using.
  6. I have never said you can't add. Unfortunately, you haven't been adding anything of substance for the last few posts. That is all that I am trying to say. You come across as trying to force your opinions onto us. That, I object to. Friends of mine using 2t bikes have little trouble with carbon buildup. Their bikes are setup in a way that just about enough 2t oil is pumped into the cylinder. Some used to think that more 2t is better, until someone set it up correctly. Too much 2t bogs up the engine, causes excessive smoke, and choked the exhaust with unburnt 2t oil. The fellows who set
  7. Yes, you don't agree with what's being discussed. We got you the first time. We got you again, and again, and again. Now if you have anything of any substance to add? Listening to a broken record gets annoying, friend. Also annoying is the unecessary abuse of epillipses. Just saying. For me, it gets annoying to hear some fellows who insist on using fully synthetic engine oil, iridium plugs and "minimum" ron98 petrol, all in the mistaken belief that these products protect the engine better. Same people can barely understand how an internal combustion engine works, have NEVER done the most ba
  8. Can ask lab. But since u already buy, no big deAl la.
  9. The new fieldpacks, fuyooh, fantastic! I think I will stun this one for future trips. Not big enough, can expand summore!
  10. Constant highway cruising at 160kph, I constantly fill about 10 liters every 100km. Going over, it suffers a wee bit more. Don't worry too much. City travel sucks petrol really badly.
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