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  1. i got my license 10 years ago but due to some circumstances, my license revoked. good news, im getting my license back in days time. hope my tp pass. back then, i have no issue buying bike and so on upon passing my tp. due to alot of changes nowadays, apply QDL card online etc2.. Last time we will receive a temporary paper/document while waiting for our license card to deliver to our home address. we can straight away buy bike and show that letter first. QUESTION: how about now? since we need to apply online for QDL. i got some info the tp test result wont be updated on the spot?
  2. im lookin for this bracket



  3. woOhoO~!

    thanks beb!

  4. faris

    hello there bro i'am selling this cap for S$60

    Retail is 70+ at queensway

  5. zart, by any chance ko ade spray itam tak?

    nie member rizal ah, ko msg aku @98782660..


  6. if you sure you did nothing wrong.. be yourself. be confident. if they try be fierce you tell em back. lol afterall they still human like us. nothing to be afraid maan. about tinted visor.. my fren pillion oso kena. $30 saman..
  7. im selling of my dead rxk. anyone want any of the parts? mine no mod done. only long rear fender. pm me for parts and give ya offers aite.
  8. where to you get the copper pipe?.. i guess its the manifold rite?
  9. where can tong pipe cheap? can anyone pm me place.. and price range too.. thanks.
  10. my rxk died. suddenly canot start. usually i can feel the compression my kick start. now like so loose. and i can feel air coming out from the carb.. before i push to bikeshop.. guys any idea whats wrong. actually my bike that rode the bike..i still dont know the whole story..
  11. can arr.. anything can mod. rizal come dover u see 1 with gpr. criusly he mod till i duno how..later i take pics k0 tgk..
  12. clutch plates can wear out over time.. when u feel suddenly biting point change.. pick up oso reduce.. that is the time.. usuali cost few bucks a piece.. for us need 4 i guess.. but the labour charge that cost more..
  13. gpr pipe lor. expensive sia. i feel no use for 2b bike use gpr.
  14. last time boy said no stock but i forgot to ask how much. how much do you think? if exp.. i rather go for new paintwork. dont want spray myself. im suck at painting. sure got spots everywhere.. that malaysian custom knn to the max. ask me change photo now need do new passport. now canot go jb already .. sianz. need to wait siaa..
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