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  1. Originally posted by nocturnized@Nov 3 2005, 01:41 AM

    oh i see.. recently i compare my bike to my friend's bike (k5g6) also. i noticed that my front and rear seems to be much lower than my friend's one.. any idea why is this so ? both stock; no adjustment or whatsoever. Btw, mine FZ 1*** * plate while my fren's one is FZ 7*** * plate... :confused:

    Your bike seems to register more unladen sag assuming that you are not on the saddle.


    to make more sense out of it, take a measuring tape and measure your bike's sag compare against your friends.

  2. Originally posted by manhunt@Oct 26 2005, 08:07 PM

    well since tat case will drop the idea of gettin a damper, so wat is the best and proper setting for me? Thx.. gona to learn something new again :cheeky:

    if your front and rear is working properly, you can start from 35mm front and 30mm rear rider sag. This is the starting point.

  3. Originally posted by manhunt@Oct 26 2005, 12:07 PM

    hmmm.... for the rear tink is the max liao which my mech claims, for the front hav no idea leh. hw u check? I push forward my bike got no rebound at all.

    whats your weight

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  5. Originally posted by kennethy@Oct 21 2005, 03:03 AM

    will advice you to change to good coolant... anyway, it is not that costly, but overall better for your bike since your engine is always running at lower temp and that less stressful on your EO... (high temp will means have to change EO more often, eg when you go touring, subjecting your EO under high temp for long time will make it loose it viscosity faster)

    Theres a certain range of operating temperature for your engine oil, if i remember correctly should range between 95ish DegreeC to 105ish DegreeC.


    Infact wear and tear occurs at alarming rate when engine oil falls below operating temperature.

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