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  1. Originally posted by tom3694@Oct 9 2005, 07:06 AM

    to be honest i think i screwed up the settings badly so was thinking starting anew


    with factory standards

    everyone's weight is different. the way you sit on the bikei s different, and hence the weight distributed ard the bike is different.


    When you talk about factory setting, I really dunno if it really exist.


    since your bike have preload adjuster front and rear, the most basic you must do, or at least starts from is setting the laden weight.


    I would certaintly starts from 35mm race sag for front and 30mm sag rear, and "fine tune" from here.

  2. Originally posted by S750WP@Oct 5 2005, 03:35 AM

    I bought the brake pad to replace the worn out ones on my gsxr400. The packaging at the back says gsxr400r 90- dunno what it means, I guess if my brake disc is thicker abit the gold fren brake pad surely cannot fit.


    The front brake disc on my g4 is almost to the servicable limit of 4mm already. :cry:

    GK76 dimension should read something like this


    70 x 55.5 x 8mm(thickness)

  3. Originally posted by LobsterSalad@Oct 3 2005, 09:06 PM

    but wats the top speed for zx4 anyone noes? I dun dare go above 180 km/hr.. balls shake..

    why the obsession with top speed?


    why didnt you ask how fast does it take for you to reach that kinda velocity?

  4. Originally posted by nE0+Oct 3 2005, 04:21 PM-->
    QUOTE (nE0 @ Oct 3 2005, 04:21 PM)
    Suzuki bikes have different maps for the first few gears[/b]

    More then that man...


    Originally posted by [email protected] 3 2005, 04:21 PM

    TRE tricks the ECU into thinking the bike is in 3rd gear.

    TRE not only a GPS that remove the "restricted torque" on 1st 3 gears.....read on....


    This was posted in Team Gixxer Thread slightly more then a year ago, and really its my opinion of TRE and equivalent crap.


  5. Originally posted by nE0@Oct 3 2005, 02:44 AM

    Do you have schematics or details on the de-restrictor?


    I know it works prettymuch like Suzuki's TRE, but restricts the top gear rpms.

    its not a TRE equivalent. It have nothing to do with "decieving" the ECU to think that you are riding 5th gear when you are on 6th etc.


    TRE actually is a very crap construction.


    The Fi runs individual map on each gears. and when you have the TRE on you runs a 5th gear map when ya running on 6th gear?

  6. Originally posted by OFFICIAL@Oct 3 2005, 01:59 AM

    Luckily mine ok. But haiz. Still stuck at 10000 RPM any remedies?

    Haven't tried clearing the carbs. and the could it be the CDI?

    My Old L9 no such problem


    mah fan

    It sound like yours is a restricted model.


    Available remedy is M Max black box to derestrict it.


    I have no direct hands on on a restricted model, but I suppose you can try 10K ohms resistor to do the job.

  7. Originally posted by CivicR@Oct 2 2005, 11:47 PM

    Still searching & saving man.. :smile:

    since you are aware of what you are gonna face with, must as well highlight this note to you.


    I highly recommend anyone who pick up a used ZXR400, watever the condition is, go to a competent workshop, split the cam cover off and check your valve clearances, and while ya at it, you can tell the state of the cams and rocker arms, and and the oil journal. Its made of really soft alloy and I have seen instances where by it was broke into pieces only to be weld back (crudely) together and hence you suffers oil starvation.


    Infact I have seen two cases.


    So you have to factor that into your investment as well.

  8. Originally posted by ronald21@Sep 24 2005, 02:49 PM

    I also don't know what Eo is best for super4.Red line is a brand of one of them?What about the Motul something one?

    Oil filter around how much?What brand is good?

    If getting at ah boy, is it ok?

    What's the price range?



    Click on it, make sure you have your speaker on



    Just a note from Authorised Redlines Distributor, be very wary of Parallel Imported Redline Products.

  9. Originally posted by LobsterSalad@Sep 27 2005, 03:50 PM

    1.8k for a micron legal exhaust very ex lei.. thot 600 onli for yoshi legal. diff is 3 times more!

    I reckon, u just have to live with the stock can.

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