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  1. Originally posted by Xiaozhu@May 14 2005, 06:28 PM

    Ppl here send their shocks for rebuilting bcz they hv the impression dat after being rebuilt, the shocks will work fine, not expecting them to leak juz after several mths.

    Moreover, dis shop is highly recommended.


    How many of us here noe dat when the rod is scratched, the shocks r considered gone?

    Especially when itz only after the guys dismantle the whole thg, den will the owner be enlightened with regards to dis.


    Yes, I agree with u dat they did not mentioned y did their shocks leak, which is unfair to the shop.

    Likewise I'm juz trying to make ppl noe when n why they shld or shld not rebuild their shocks.


    I reckon not many ppl knew abt dis.

    All they knew was, they're good? Trained in US? blah blah blah..

    I dun quite get what ya driving at....?

  2. Originally posted by Xiaozhu@May 12 2005, 05:37 PM

    After stripping evthg and telling me dat I'm still gonna be charged for the whole amount?

    Who wouldn't go ahead den? Who would pay $200+ for just dismantling and assembling?

    Well, datz my case..


    My advise is, if your shocks r leaking too long w/o your knowledge, most probably your rod is scratched, thus rebuilting it seems senseless.

    I'm not pointing my fingers at your, merely stating example.


    Now that you have present one of the reason why ppl go ahead with the repair dispite that the shock is not in good health.....



    I reckon its only fair to say that the shocks leak several months after rebuild due to the fact that the "chrome rod" was nicked and nothing can be done to it unless you get it replace.


    Coz by omitting this fact, it serve a different kinda impression that its job not well done....

  3. Originally posted by kazuhiko@May 10 2005, 01:20 AM

    ya i have heard that there is people complaining about leaking after rebuilt...


    the best method is to buy a new pair but one thing is that is expensive...

    The only logical reason why it leak after a rebuild probably due to a "nicked" stanchion on the rear shock.


    In local context...your chrome rod been scratched.


    I'm quite sure this kinda situation have been communicated to the owner....and its up to the owner to decide if they should juz go ahead with the rebuild without anything done to the damage "chrome rod".


    when this kinda decision have been final......its like rolling dice...if ya lucky...it didnt leak, it lady luck aint on ya side....it starts leaking before you know it.....


    so guys...be fair with your comments....hiding certain truth in what you have to say about certain shops reflects on you as a person.

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  5. Originally posted by ZZR-Pilot@Sep 15 2004, 10:59 AM

    No la... the rest all I can do here in KL... only the forks need to be done in Bikelab. Rechrome & full service. Do you reckon it can be done within a day, while I wait?

    Perhaps u like to give them a call to check with them before making the trip. At least they can prepare all the parts necessary so that when ya here, they can cut down the waiting time.


    As far as i understand, they usually dun encourage rechroming of the fork stachions.


    Their approach veers towards replacing it.


    I drop u a


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