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  1. Acordingly with the forumer above, I believe its yr changed Rectifier maybe something is not match with the specs ... Alos beware the Alternator / Magcoil 'spoil' rumour for this bike, some ppl have come across already , or is it the shops also capitalising on it.
  2. Hi its 1 L engine oil. any good 15/40 can do. I'm thinking better not put too high viscosity oil as there is no oil filter , just a mesh that is very hard to open & clean (need to go mechanic). Chg oil is every 3,000km, or more maybe 3,300 if you dont ride everyday. Tyre pressure i use 26 front, 27 rear. Cos i use low profile tyres cannot be too hard hehe. Spark plug use the best you can afford ! I paid 2.7K plus $140 for repairs shortly later, for 3 yrs ole modified YBR. Very high, yes. I shall not name the shop that ate my carrot
  3. I heard the gas tank is very strong can withstand great shock like bang, drop, etc. Furthermore there is safety release valve, if anything happened, the gas will blow out the valve and dissipate very quickly in the air (there is not much dangerous vapour fume like petrol or alcohol) Besides, CNG is more abundant, cheaper & MUCH CLEANER than petrol engine. THe efficiency is much higher (i.e. more % of fuel is used to make power whereas alot of petrol goes out the tailpipe). Loss of power not more than around 20% of petrol, and range is compromised by about 30% . But if you get a CNG manu
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