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  1. 494 macpherson road (opposite caltex)

    hp: 96936520

  2. bro, kedai botak pat mana?? where is the exact location?? address pls..? thanks bro

  3. bro im interested.. cn give me ur contact no??

  4. bro cn give me ur contact no

  5. hie,

    there are quite a few items that i want to get from u guys for VXR 07.

    Can u give me the pricing for these items:

    -metal foot plate

    -hell brake hose

    -short windscreen

    -air filter (KNN or Hurricane)

    -Leo Vince exhaust

    -tail light cover (coz mine is broken)

    -i want to remove the rear signal light n make the signal in the tail light



  6. bro, can i see ur bike pics? [email protected]


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