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  1. saw this bike today at bike shop near maks place there, forgot wat the shop's name m1motoring or sumting.... quite a good looker.. mchine price 4k.. dunno whether the bike shop kidding or not.. can sumbody tell me what is the disadvantage of 2 valve?
  2. Bro!! Sori i not stalking u but i see ur bike alot of times at tampines mall.. Hehe.. How the heck do u keep ur rear rims clean? I dilemma cos i wen i oil my chain i make a mess of the rims...

  3. aKi!!!!! wat happen to u? long time never c u? how r u?
  4. ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! i would like to thank a black r6 rider (if he's here) who blew past me n my gerlfren with arrow pipes no silencer last sat at bke exit to pie direction tuas last sat afternoon.. almost threw me off my humble spark135.. thanks again!!!!!!!! may ur pipe be loud enuf to shatter windows.....
  5. maut picit punat... gaySh!t kepe.. hari tu baru ku tanyer2 kan utk gerlpren aku nyer adik nak spark135 2nd hand.. down 800 bulan2 128.80X36.. tak tau dah termasuk insurance ke tak.. agaknyer dah ah.. sp**dw*y... my bike 1st hand lagi ketuk.. abis kire smue 6.3k.. tak kecoh....
  6. usually all the typess of after market cdi's got no limiter.. all i see out there r cdi's with just no limiter, those with fixed advanced timing,or those with variable ingnition timing.. the no limiter type claims lah, give higher rev range, bigger spark yada yada yada.. u whack until vibrate like piston want to come out of block.. hahaha (ok lame)..but in the 1st place, the manufacturer put the limiter in the 1st place so dat the engine can last longer.. not everytime over rev.. fixed advanced timing means, ignition timing faster than stock cdi, so i tink should give better pickup ah.. t
  7. bro, just askin, if i were to bring parts there, ask them to install for me can? do they mind? cos i have bad experience with shops when i bring stuff dat i bought elsewhere..
  8. wah.. a day or 2? u dont use ur bike for transport ah? need to warm up longer bro.. once kick start let it run by itself until the cycle stabalizes.. or i usually wait till the engine casing warms up.. a stick of ciggy will do.. dat time i go holiday, 4 days never move.. quite hard to start....
  9. wah.. y like dat 1? did u do anyting to ur bike, mods esp.. sounds like ur timing/setting off leh.. i had dat problem when i mess with the carb.. hehe.. or maybe water in fuel? check ur fuel line.. maybe fuel line choke? maybe others can help u? btw i ride spark135.. not x1r.. but also same2 lah..
  10. i see the alot abt those hyundai sonata taxis.. some of them drive like maniacs.. those taxis r autos right? switch lane like f1 drivers.. scary sia.. wonder how the passenger feeling.. pity her..
  11. just wondering, y the kpe now the road uneven ah? the third lane.. direction towards pie.. going @70also hard time..
  12. k, i small bike, my rear 90/80.. my front b4 is 80/90, i itchy arsed go change my front to 90/80.. more stable at corners, but bike less flickable.. hmm, i still feel my little experiment doesnt do much in this thread.. soooo lets say if were to use smaller but same tyres front n back, will the bike be more flickable? maybe corner less stable? ARGH.. i'm losing the point here.. maybe this larger rear thingy dont apply to the smaller lighter bikes as much as bigger bikes.. maybe if got super 4 can try ah.. same size front n back.. hehe.. sure looks funny..
  13. racing cdi plus gpr exhaust enuf to reach 150.. the rest all standard.. actually all stock also capable to go 150 also.. depends on the weight of rider.. the tyres.. b4 i did get 150 when everyting was stock.. havnt finish running in yet that time.. hahaha.. since i change to battlax + a box, only can go 130.. now after the slight mods, able to go back 150.. but egine like want to expode alreadi ah.. wakakakakaka...
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