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  1. bros having this issue ever since i fixed my silencer back. Whenever i start my bike my rpm will drop below 1 and idle this will happen till it reaches the temp. of 50 deg. thereafter only will it slowly climb to 1.5rpm. the sound will also be something like when no petrol engine gonna die off knocking sound. i have also checked all spark plugs are working fine. anybody have encountered like this before or have any idea wd the prob could be?
  2. Bro u should have gotten it over the weekend, berik boots at $220 aft discount at GMAX. Btw is it okay to go track with armoured mesh jacket, i wanna have a feel before i get a suit..
  3. oh ok..tad's a bad news..m actually goin on a school study trip..
  4. bros,nibody know where in tokyo got shops selling bike stuffs mainly helmet and do u all have any idea if its cheaper there?plz help m goin tokyo soon..tanx in advance..
  5. Yea,i know.. have been very bz tad y..sorry guys..haha..
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