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  1. If a brand new Ryker cost 39k, and brand new Spyder would cost even more.
  2. Sidecar bikes cannot go expressway, take note.
  3. This is the Can Am Ryker, cheaper version of Spyder. In Sg, it's still ridiculously ex.
  4. My bike stalls during riding when: 1) battery connector screw loosen. Need to tighten screw. 2) hose from fuel tank loosen and drop out. Poke the hose back.
  5. Rebel 500 is already selling, engine layout looks nicer.
  6. Here's my understanding about IU bracket, just for your reference. What VICOM is looking for on your IU bracket is probably the 4 black rubber at the screw area. Those rubbers are supposed to act as vibration dampers will would otherwise spoilt your IU easier if they were missing. From the store, what they are selling might be missing those rubber, hence becoming "not approved bracket". Or just just VICOM what is a so-called "approved bracket" and modify the new bracket to suit it.
  7. Didn't know much about this bike, but 2 things I dun like about this bike - I once saw a review on cb190ss, reviewer was saying it's a boring and under-powered bike - why the logo must write "Wuyang Honda"? If you search online it is not using the traditional Honda wing logo. To me it seems like the future of this branding will be a branch off from Honda Japan.
  8. How is the rack attached to the bike? Should be 1 side higher/lower than the other. I dun use box so I can only guess the rack is the issue.
  9. An expensive used bike used to cost about 3000.
  10. For local scene, you don't need multiple quotes for a battery change. It's a very simple task and I would recommend it diy, just to save a few bucks from the servicing fee.
  11. They don't want you to do free rolling. For training, just don't rest your hand on the clutch lever.
  12. u can also consider cb190ss. No power, got looks.
  13. Get a reputable charger and charge at ur own first. If charging failed, buy a new batt. Charger can also be used for batt maintenance. Simply put, I want to monitor my current batt to see if it's at its end of life. If so, then I would change it. I would expect my battery to last more than a year before having issues.
  14. It's not a real person replying - it's a bot that picks any related thread and post some half-related replies. Very common here nowadays.
  15. To avoid messy loans, fatten up your piggy bank first then pay in one shot. Riding is not a "must" thing - just take your time.
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