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  1. I remenber someone in the aprilia forum working in a courier company but cant recall who.. I need some help with shipping for my fairing set... Help would be greatly appreciated.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Rusted inside.. Spray WD40 generously into the keyhole and try
  3. Pm you already...
  4. Any one interested in ordering race/street fairing, or single seater?? The fairing are made in Italy.. Comes in gloss white finishing... I am purchasing a set for my RS125 and RS250 each.. I will be placing the order ard next wk once the shipping prices are finalised... Price wise will be lower than those quoted on AF1... I will be purchasing a set of RS125 Ohlins TTX rear suspension in late Feb, price ard sgd 2200-2400 inclusive of shipping and GST .. Anyone interested in join in to split shipping??
  5. Ya I know.. Mine is the most moded ard... Thanks You guys are Cute I meaning Michelin Power one Tyres
  6. Any one knows where got sell power one for RS125??
  7. I got used solonoid and valve casing, u interested? One mistake u list is listed is to drill the rave unit.. its drill the CDI if urs is a Piaggio CDI not drill the rave unit.. Get a 34mm carb for better power and install the power valve.. Easiest way to unleash the 125 power
  8. I have the following excess stuff for sales as i am now in the final stages of rebuilding my bike and have decided on my final setup. Now selling away the excess as i decided to swap to another setup: 1) Brand New Mitaka Kit (122) include piston and everything needed for a top job =>$370 2) Brand New Wilber rear suspension =>$1350 3) Brand New Oz rims for RS125 06 =>$2300 4) Brand New Jollymoto C0107 with carbon cans=>$600 5) Brand new Delortho VHSB34 Racing => $350 Reasons for selling as i will be using a another setup. These are the items that i have accumulated for th
  9. I got an extra Brand New VHSB34 Racing for sale .. Price sgd350.. Pls Pm me if you are interested.. By the way, I will be buying some jets from Eurocarb next wk.. AnyOne need anything and wanna join in the order? ?
  10. Ebay... but the shipping ard GBP40-60 so hopefully can find ppl split the shipping cost If can find 2-3 then best..
  11. Any one interested in ordering Diamond Rear sets? Looking ard $380 each.. Order to be placed next Wed or so....
  12. the shock looks ok but ask urself these very simple question: Who can provide the spare parts in SG? Who can service the shock in Sg?
  13. Anyone interested in MITAKA kit?? Price sgd360 inclusive of shipping and GST... Pls pm me by today 10pm if interested as order will be placed on 11/01 11pm.... Parts should be reaching SG ard next monday..
  14. Hi Edwin,


    I would like to know if you are placing the order to PJ anytime soon? since i would like to purchase the bitubo and also the clutch plate kit. Let me know... Thanks



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