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  1. rxgn

    Honda PCX 150

    So my bike shop said every 3k service. No oil filter to change. Every 20k do major servicing.
  2. rxgn

    Honda PCX 150

    Is it ard every 2k change engine oil? There is no oil filter to change?
  3. Hi for Pcx 150 How much for regular servicing ? Run how many km then service one time?
  4. $120 HOWmuch u selling

  5. Hi Sean. Leon here. Happy New year by the way.


    I already booked my tp, it's on 24th feb 09. What about you?


    Anyway, i noticed that you installed the Revtec sometime back. Is it a good device? I have been planning to get one as well. Need more reviews from you first.

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